Eco Terra 11″ Luxury Latex Mattress – Queen

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Eco Terra 11-inch latex Queen mattress is America's best-priced Queen mattress made with 100% natural latex. Experience the buoyancy and resiliency of latex as you float off to the dreamland you've been missing for so long. The Eco Terra mattress is painstakingly engineered to provide the optimal sleep experience. A layer of natural latex provides the perfect comfort, reducing the uncomfortable feeling of resistance at your pressure points. The isolated coils underneath act as a stable network of support, providing the necessary lift to keep your spine in perfect alignment without that dense feeling foam mattresses provide. Eco Terra provides a wonderful sleep system that promotes REM rest, making each night an opportunity for the deep, restorative sleep you need to live each day to the fullest.


  • Made with 100 percent natural latex and fabric-encased coils; no fillers, no additives, no off gassing
  • With a firmness rating of medium, this Queen mattress is a perfect fit for the majority of sleepers
  • Great alternative to memory foam, no quicksand feel, motion from a sleeping partner is isolated
  • Attractive pinstripe organic cotton fabric quilted with soft foam backing for added comfort
  • Minimized motion disturbance - fabric-encased coils diminish the disturbance caused by a partner moving


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