Organic latex mattress topper. Certified organic. Medium firmness 2 inch thick. King size.

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Purest and best in the market to meet biological need to sleep well. With these all organic latex toppers those needs are met with purity and performance. These premium latex toppers conform to body shape, specially spine and neck to offer the right support for restful sleep. Free from heat sensitivity, static surface, this is true comfort masterpiece. Certified Organic Latex is used to provide ultimate organic purity and outstanding comfort. Organic latex is breathable, hypoallergenic, and hydrophilic making it comfortable in all seasons. Wake up fresh and ready to go in healthy environment. Organic latex topper is made from eco-friendly all botanical natural components with no toxic chemicals or synthetics or petroleum based fillers. It is free from chemical additives making true natural environment with long term health benefits. Ventilated and supportive surface offers the best sleeping environment with pressure point relief system. Why buy non-organic chemical laden toppers when you can buy this all organic pad at best price. A decision you will love for many years. For added organic covering see item B005581XXK


  • Made from the highest quality natural latex - CERTIFIED ORGANIC LATEX . Better than anything else in the market.
  • Free from formaldehyde, other chemicals and fillers that are present in most traditional mattresses. Peace of mind that you sleep on best.
  • Toxic free environments provide healthy life style for well living while enjoying benefits of top performance. Anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, anti-fungal and simply healthy
  • Made from eco-harvested rubber tree with best in purity for healthy living. It is made by Dunlop process to ensure that it is all pure and natural
  • Medium Firmness (23-25 ILD). Most popular firmness. Best value for it organic content.


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